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A Very Happy 2011! – looking back to 2010

The very best wishes for 2011!

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The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

Healthy blog!

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A Boeing 747-400 passenger jet can hold 416 passengers. This blog was viewed about 8,600 times in 2010. That’s about 21 full 747s. In 2010, there was 1 new post, growing the total archive of this blog to 82 posts. There was 1 picture uploaded, taking a total of 297kb. The busiest day of the year was October 31st with 54 views. The most popular post that day was Mucha.


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Mucha April 2009


Candy Girl April 2009
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Free sunglasses creator script March 2009


Moved and new release: NALA October 2009


Girls with retro glasses November 2009


Happy Holidays!

Holiday time has started here too. For me the ultimate holiday feeling is the feeling of the sun kissing your skin, smelling the salt flavour of the sea, feeling the sand at your feet and no agenda with things to do. To share this feeling with you, I want to offer you a postcard with a nice gift in it. You can find this postcard at the mainstore of MOLINARO VISION or at XStreetSL.

In this package you will find a small island, with a palm tree and towel with relaxing pose as pictured on the postcard. Simply rezz it to take a break or use it for a photo-shoot. If you prefer more action, you will be happy with the included surfboard! It is designed by Kafee Iwish of KI-studio, the official photographer of the MOLINARO VISION blog and furniture designer of Ki design. At XStreetSL you can find more of his designs.

What do you need more for a perfect holiday feeling? Of course!!! The most fantastic shades! I choose the ROLE OPTIC SG-57 Gala v1.2 to finish the picture. Happy Holidays!!


Thanks to Kafee Iwish for creating the picture

Skin:     []::Tuli::[] Kalista tan 01
Bikini:    *Shai* Black String Bikini
Hair:      Wot? – Hair 014 {Starlust}


Update your landmarks: Glow Studio moved

[ glow ] Studio moved to a new sim, time to update your landmarks. Pay a visit to check out the new store and take your copy of the  opening gifts.

MOLINARO VISION - Glow Studio moved to new sim

To make eyewear-shopping even more easy for you, you can now find the SLURL’s of the different optics in the sidebar on of this blog. If you miss one, please feel free to sent me a landmark in world, I will be glad to add it!

Happy Shopping!


New mainstore

A new mainstore for MOLINARO VISION! A mainstore, because it is my own building, I can offer all brands here, PrimOptic, Mokoptica, Role Optic and Kalnins.. and because I like the word mainstore! A modern, very colourful spot. It fits me, it fits MOLINARO VISION.

Come have a visit!



New brand at MOLINARO VISION: PrimOptic

MOLINARO VISION offers you now also the eye-wear collection of designer Nibb Tardis, PrimOptic

MOLINARO VISION - PrimOptic (male)MOLINARO VISION - PrimOptic (female)


We are the prime manufacturer of quality glasses, sunglasses and shades in Second Life.

You can customize the color of frames and lenses, among 80 colors, as well as the opacity, bling, shininess or mirror effect of these glasse through a simple menu driven script. All our eyewear is handcrafted with prims, not just textured like the competition. This makes them look sharp and elegant in all circumstances, unlike blurry textured glasses.

Our glasses can be worn in two positions: on top of the head or on your nose. To switch positions, say /9head or /9nose or click “On Head” or “On Nose” in the menu. Each position can be adjusted individually as explained above. That position is saved whenever you switch positions, so you only need to adjust each position once.

Our glasses also contain a set of must-have gadgets. These can be disabled in necessary.
– Flight enhancer: Enables you to fly way over the 220m limit in the sky.
– Online monitor: Enables you to see if a person who is not on your friends list is online or offline.
– Proximity Sensor: Enables you to know who is within 90 meters of your avatar.

PrimOptic eyewear is committed to bringing you glasses that not only look good, but also make themselves essential to your everyday second life.

Visit MOLINARO VISION now to add your favorite PrimOptic glasses to your collection!


MOLINARO VISION at Silvermoon Mall and St. Mary’s Harbor

Today I rented 2 new shops for MOLINARO VISION. The first one is at the Silvermoon Mall (Nautilus). This is a rather small shopping mall with 10 shops. The shops lay close to the water and in the office you can find the details of the sailing possibilities in the area.

The second one is at the St. Mary’s Harbor Village (Antilaghi). This place is very new, not yet one week old, so the other shops are still empty, but I felt in love with this place immediately. It has a Mediterranean atmosphere, with the big square, where you can sit and relax in the shade of the palm trees, surrounded by color full shops. The square looks over the harbour with the huge lighthouse. Also, there is a possibilities to rezz your boat here and start sailing for miles!

MOLINARO VISION - Silvermoonmall NautilusMOLINARO VISION - St Marys Harbor Village

New MOLINARO VISION shops, on the left Silvermoon Mall, at the right St. Mary’s Harbor Village.

So grab your boat, buy some matching glasses at MOLINARO VISION and have a lovely afternoon on the water!

UPDATE 18 April 2009: MOLINARO VISION @Silvermoon Mall does not longer exist.

UPDATE 9 July 2009: MOLINARO VISION @ St.Mary’s Harbor Village is closed


MOLINARO VISION at Ischia, Ewing Fashion District

Already for a while, you can find MOLINARO VISIONat Ischia – Ewing Fashion District.

Ischia is the hometown of the Ewing Fashion Agency. Beside the head-office, you can find many runways. Used for the past and upcoming fashion events. Also there is modeling school were the fresh models are trained. Of course you don’t have to be active, you can just sit and relax watching beautifull people passing by, take a swim at the pool. Or do a little shopping!

MOLINARO VISION - Ischia - extMOLINARO VISION - Ischia - int

Need glasses to add just that last fashionable touch? Or want to visit a fashion show a little bit incognito? Stop by at MOLINARO VISION at Ischia for your needs!

UPDATE  7 april 2009: Ischia is closed, MOLINARO VISION is not at this place anymore.


Pick up the gift box at Molinaro Vision

Personal I like presents and free gifts. Mostly because of the fun of opening and discovering the surprise. When it is from a friend, it is even nicer, because it is a gesture they care about you, the gift itself does not even matter in that case, all will be a dear present.

But giving a present can be even nicer, seeing the smile on the receivers face or maybe a surprising unexpected look.

So I thought, I will place a gift box at MOLINARO VISION. Just a sign from me I appreciate you all and a thank you for visiting. Beside the usual landmarks and information, you will find a woman-business suite and black sunglasses in the box. Both are shown in the picture below. The sunglasses have modify and copy permissions. So you can turn them into your own style and make them fit perfectly. Plus they are suitable for man and woman.

Looking forward to see you at MOLINARO VISION, thanks for passing by!


MOLINARO VISION at Romance Mall – Ecstasy City

Unfortunately the Vendetta Sim has been sold and is undergoing renovations. So you will not find MOLINARO VISION at that place anymore. 

But, I have found a nice new place! In the Romance Mall, Ecstasy City. The Romance Mall is a unique 6 floor indoor shopping mall only for women and is owned by Nikki Herrey, who has been very friendly during setting up the store. Beside shopping, the mall offers a nightclub and a fabulous restaurant with swimming pool on the roof terrace, where you can enjoy the spectacular view during dinner. 

In the neighbourhood are also many other nice spots for shopping and I spotted 2 fabulous lambourgini’s from Jenny Olbracht, a well known fashion writer of Modarazzi.


Gosh! Hope you did not think they were mine! Until now business is more fun than money!


Visit MOLINARO VISION at Ecstasy City now!


UPDATE 29-11-2008:

Romance Mall Merchant of the Week: Connie Molinaro. Come check out her beautiful eyeglasses and sunglasses, ladies !

Thanks a lot Nikky Herrey!


UPDATE 20-02-2009:

MOLINARO VISION at Ectasy City is closed.

Dear Tenant, Due to real life issues, I am not online very much any more. I also need the money that I must spend to keep the mall open. Therefore, effective immediately, the mall is closing. The absolute deadline is 12:01 AM, Wednesday, February 11, 2009. Nikki Herrey, Romance Mall owner


MOLINARO VISION at Sun Mall Lane – Sun City

Marinoco Oceanlane just opened a new mall, the Sun Mall Lane at Sun City. MOLINARO VISION has opened a shop there too. Come have a look!

The place is also good for people who want to earn some extra money by camping or if you want to be lucky in one of the lucky chairs. Also a SLExchange and Onrez terminal is available at the mall







7 November 2008 Update: MOLINARO VISION can not be found at Sun City anymore


Available brands at MOLINARO VISION at Vendetta

The MOLINARO VISION Optica at Vendetta is now open for a few days. Time to inform you which brands you can buy there. At this moment you can buy glasses from 3 good eye-wear designers. First one is Mokoptica. This is an Italian brand, looking at the glasses you immediately recognise the smooth Italian look. Second one is Role Optic, very classy glasses for all kind of occasions, but keeping the glasses more or less traditional but with high quality. And last one, Kalnins, more daring glasses with lot of scripted features in it, not eye-wear for the shy one, although there are some classic models also.

Come and try these high quality glasses at MOLINARO VISION, with the different styles I can guarantee you will find the one you are looking for. Demo’s are available and comfortable posing stand are placed to fit your glasses in a perfect way.

Thanks to Bobie Woodget for making this picture


The girl in the banner

The glasses in the banner is a part of a photo that Connie Arida made. Since a year she has her own FLICKR page and you sure should have a look, she makes amazing photo’s.

Connie Arida: I started my Flickr as a sort of straight screenshot and semi blog. As time went by, I discovered other Second Life people and their Flickr work. They inspired me to learn more and do more with the pics I posted. It’s been and amazing time for me, to get in touch with my “artistic” side that I had let go for many years.

In a lot of photos you can see eyewear.

Connie Arida: I do use glasses in RL, and so have quite a few pics of me in SL wearing them too.

Thanks Connie for let me use your fabulous picture for this blog. And you will all see some more work from her here in coming blogposts.


Welcom at the 1st Molinaro Vision Optica

The first MOLINARO VISION Optic is a fact! It is situated at Vendetta, opposite to the church and next to the coffee bar. As you can see, really best spot in town! I want to say a big “thank you” to Haily Dixon for letting me in her town, appreciate it a lot. Beside some other shops, there is also a gallery, nightclub and combat area at Vendetta. Ow, and I am not sure if the neighbourhood is safe when the nights fall in, so watch out when you pay a visit!

Thanks to Bobie Woodget for taking the pictures of the store and giving some other good advices

1 October 2008: The Vendetta Sim is sold and re-arranged. MOLINARO VISION can not be found at this place anymore


First step

I simply love eye-wear, not only sunglasses, but all type of glasses. That is why I am thinking to start an eyewear optique in Second Life. At this moment it is just a basic idea and this is just the first step to this idea.

Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible for others

Sunglasses at picture: 150 Mph Glasses from Digital Dragon Designs

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