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When you think about pop-art, you think about Andy Warhol and the different paint studies of celebrities. The repeating and the  color use make these paintings look simple. And with the introduction of photoshop so easy to copy, that people forget how great masterpieces these paintings are. However….. easy?

Kafee Iwish: “Some numbers ? I know you like them…. so 35 slides used for this pic, 42 with the different try, reorder in 4 folders; glasses, earring, face and background. 3 principal adjustments colorimetry (color adjustment so), level contrast and the one to separate the face level from black to grey by sequences named “seuil” (this one is terrible, I have to show you one day) hehe, some fusions too, ah yes and 37 beers; 23 Kronenbourg and 14 Heineken.. “

And that is exactly the strong point of  Warhol! You don’t see how complex his work is, you see the message and the image he want to show you without bothering you about the technique.

Leona Iuga gave me a sample of her glasses : -NALA-*ovum* (not edited in the picture), which has it’s beauty in the simple but strong frame design. And with the script menu, easy to change in different colors,  the frame but also the lenses.

You can find these glasses at the NALA mainstore.

MOLINARO VISION - Warhol effect

Thanks to Kafee Iwish for creating the picture

Skin:  La Sylphide – Liliana – Black and White – Noir
Hair:   *TRUTH* Montague – Black
Eyes:    FS eye (black)
Earring: ALB FULFILLMENT hermatit earring by AnaLee Balut


Souvenir from Bali

I wanted to share a little holiday memory with you. The sawa’s, ricefields, at Bali. I am simply in love with them. The sweet smell, all the green colors, amazing, never realised that  there are so many different greens, and the quiet atmosphere. Yes, I agree, a very touristic view, because working in the sawa’s is hard for the Indonesian people. Good thing is, that the rice is mostly for their own consumption and will not be exported for low prices to other countries. But as tourist you simply have to enjoy the sawa’s, breath them and take them a little bit with you back home.

It seems already ages ago, but this picture was made a few weeks ago close to Ubud. The sunglasses are a free gift from MK Fashion, MK Sunglasses Scripted- F Star 1.0 for female and MK Sunglasses – M Darkstar 4 for male. You can find them in a box on the floor in front of the wall with eyewear collection.

MOLINARO VISION - Souvenir from Bali

Thanks to Kafee Iwish for creating the picture

Skin:        []::Tuli::[] Elizabeth (sunkissed) ~ Harlow (br)
Hair:       Magika Hair – Vanish – Black B
Eyes:       []::Tuli::[] intense eyes – brown
Outfit:     ALB ALICIA set by AnaLee Balut

Skin:       TheAbyss Scorpio_Ra 4[A] Body Hair
Hair:       .::MADesigns Hair::. ~ HEMISH ~ DB I
Eyes:      *la* eyes whiskey
Outfit:    ALB ALI set by AnaLee Balut



Sensual woman, curly long hairs and flowers, some ingredients for the masterpieces, the art-nouveau affiches from Alphonse Mucha.

In this tribute to Mucha there is also a role for the K_gs -Free Edition glasses, designed by koguma Kumaki of Kumaki Glasses Style. These high quality sculpted glasses have a femine round design and includes a script for color changing, choosing the transparency of the lenses, disabling the shine and even an animation that pushes the glasses up onto your head. You can find these free glasses at XStreetSL.


Thanks to Kafee Iwish for creating the picture

Hat:         ALB DIOR impression lotta HAT by AnaLee Balut
Hair:       Analog Dog esse black
Skin:      //LAZOLLI//Phoebe 002(LIGHT)
Eyes:      MADesigns PROMISE eyes – brown pale 11
Top:        ALB ANAIS shirt

XStreet - SL

My XStreet SL rating: 5


Shade Throne

MOLINARO VISION - Collection Thorne

If you are looking for sunglasses to stand out in the crowd, you sure should have a look at Shade Throne. The collection of Undo Hermano is a daring one, little bit of 80’s influences, colored and very fashionable . As Undo Hermano write at her own blog: “Shade Throne offers you the freshest in sculpted shades. Shapes, colors, design that pushes the limits in fashion. The latest, the greatest.”  The sculpted glasses have a good quality and are very reasonable priced between 250 – 350 LD.

And a nice surprise, you can find some free sunglasses in the store too, SHADE THRONE FREEBIE #1, here pictured by Kafee Iwish. Basic colored in brown/black, but the design make them special with the typical retro look. Easy to combine with a classical or a more high fashion look.

Make a statement, go visit Shade Throne!


Thanks to Kafee Iwish for creating the picture

Skin:             *Beauty Avatar Couture* ENEA – Skin Gift 1
Hair:            .::MADesigns Hair::.  ~ ALEX ~ NBL II w resize script
Eyes:             Eyes Venus -Blue- FREE!  *REDGRAVE*
Lashes:          MMS-Thora Lashes
Earrings:       Pin and Needles Basic Gold Hoop Earrings
Hat:               ALB LOTTA featherstone HAT bandau chin by AnaLee Balut
Top:              ALB LOTTA featherstone jacket

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