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Girls with retro glasses

I showed you already before some glasses of Erika Celt, designer of !Enchilada! , and if you like them as much as I do, you will be happy with this news! Erika added five more free glasses on XStreetSL. The !Enchilada! Funky Shades have a retro design, decorated with dots, stripes and cherries. Get them and have some fun!

MOLINARO VISION - girls with retro glasses

Thanks to Kafee Iwish for creating the picture

XStreet - SL

My XStreet SL rating: 4

Wearing , girls from right to left, clockwise:

Jeans:  [VG Republic] ‘Female Dollarbie Denim’ , (Iki) Skinny Jean: Indigo, Zaara : Jeans *blue* (Classic), SSH – Girl Jeans, [Decoy] Inferno 88 – Midnight

Hair:  [RA] Chai Anxiety Hair – Blonde Flax, W&Y MODEL HAIR FREE, .:[ Tiny Bird ]:. Emma – Ginger, Carlucci – Isa – Soil (Blacks), Maitreya Apple II – Caramel

Skin: *CUPCAKES – Lovespell – HONEY – Valentine – Red, *Beauty Avatar Couture* DELIA Skin – GIFT, []::Tuli::[] Hope  (sunkissed/br) natural, *CUPCAKES – Daydream – Coconut – Gift Bag 16, :: DUTCH TOUCH ::GroupSKin:: Special No1 Caramel

Shoes: SKG-Zoe – Pump BrightRed, AC Inure Brown, Stiletto Moody – Mary Jane Sandal (Pop Colors), Stiletto Moody Pinup (Blacker Patent), Maitreya Frisky Brown Leather


New Releases: C’est Moi! and K_gs


MOLINARO VISION - Bohemian Glasses (C  est moi)

C’est Moi  released this simple but funy glasses, perfect to hold the summer feeling a little bit longer.



Koguma Kumaki released 3 new designs for K_gs, all well scripted as usual. “Almeja” are cute glasses with colored stones on the frame.  You can get a  special addition of these glasses as pick reward gift.  “Swallow” is one for the tough guys. And a big milestone…. glasses number 300 has been released: “Stones” with a celebration price of just 300 LD.


Cat reading glasses

Meow… very cute cat reading glasses on XStreetSL from Aslan Kish: Air Black Cat Glasses. Build up with 123 micro prims makes this glasses a jewelry piece again. The lenses can be changed in 12 different colors, a simple touch menu helps you with this. And a very generous offer.. these glasses are for free! So why hesitate? Get one copy too and judge yourself!


Thanks to Kafee Iwish for creating the picture

Hair:      !VA! Bluebell poivre
Skin:       [LeLutka] – Prototype A
Eyes:       []::Tuli::[] intense eyes – brown
Outfit:    GHOST! – Zero Shadow

XStreet - SL

My XStreet SL rating: 5


Trick or Treat..

Almost 31 October, a few days left to prepare yourself for Halloween and lay your hands on some special glasses!

MOLINARO VISION - GC Monokel Jacks House (Crie Style)MOLINARO VISION - HappyHalloweenMasc (K_gs)MOLINARO VISION - PumpkinGlasses (K_gs)MOLINARO VISION - Halloween Mask (NALA)

Grazioso Alekseev: “*+Crie Style New Released+* This is Happy Halloween monocle ! By touching the lens you can change the lens colors into 6 different colors. Lower pumpkin accessory’s color is also changed with the lens. A new design is presented by a gift especially this time! If you combine with the new dress released after this, we’re very happy! lol We wish the Halloween when you’re happy.”

The free monocle can be found in the group notices of Crie Style.

Kumaki Glasses Style (K_gs) has a funny Happy Halloween mask, you can pick it up in the main store, also you can find some Pumpkin Glasses there. And by just crossing the street, you will enter NALA. At the luckyboard you will find these Halloween Masks. Try your luck!

For the picture, I choose the AIR_Abeille_II glasses. Not made especially for Halloween, but matching the theme perfect with the colors and insect.

MOLINARO VISION - Happy Halloween

Thanks to Kafee Iwish for creating the picture

Hair:          .:[ Tiny Bird ]:. Ring of Fire – Pumpkin
Skin:          :::L’ORING:::Charlotte freckles skin 01C
Lingerie:   ~Blacklace~  Green Satin & Lace
Shoe:         Stiletto Moody – Mary Jane Sandal (Pop Colors)
Hat:           [LAP] – Leedle Punkin Hat
Glasses:    AIR_Abeille_IIA_CM_M


New Releases: Role Optic, K_gs, Glow Studio and Epoque


MOLINARO VISION - Hawk (Role Optic)MOLINARO VISION - Ofelia (Role Optic)

Leeza Catteneo: “ROLE Optic sculpted eyeglasses is pleased to announce 2 stylish new additions to our product line! Ofelia is an oversized design featuring gently curved lenses on a wide, high-fashion frame. These glasses are perfect for going incognito or polishing off a carefully selected ensemble. Ofelia comes in your choice of 2 colors packs (Ofelia I or Ofelia II) each holding 9 exclusive color and material choices.The Hawk rounds out our new releases by providing men and women with a sharp, edgy, sporty design.The Hawk is a look for those who know what they want and see how to get it. Available in a single color pack holding 9 exclusive color and material choices.”



Kumaki’s latest design is Est, it has a round/ovale frame and fits for male and female. With the glasses menu, you are able to change the colour of the frame (10 options and shine on/off) and the colour of the lenses (11 options) and depending on your mood you can turn them to different transparency levels (5 options and 4 glow levels). These glasses are available at the mainstore for 400 LD.


MOLINARO VISION - My Ray Ban Shades (Glow Studio)

[ glow ] studio released the My Ray Ban Shades as part of their new collection.


MOLINARO VISION - Transmission (Epoque)

Vintage Mc Millan: “Hellooooooooooo darlings. I have a new freeeebieeee for you. TV frames on your eyes. They play pretty images. They’re 1034895723809572% free and available now at the flagship location. The Epoque Fall collection is coming reallyreallysoon I promise. Come getttt itttt.”



I like shopping at XStreetSL,  it is easy, no lag and it shows you items which you maybe would not have noticed in world. But which are gold! The free glasses of Socool Destiny, [SD Freebie 001] Glasses are such a suprising find. Socool Destiny is not an eyewear designer, these glasses are made to promote and demonstrate another product, the [SD003] Linked Prim controller Script. As you can imagine the glasses are well scripted and easy to modify in the way you want. Beside that, the design is not bad at all too!


Thanks to Kafee Iwish for creating the picture

Skin:            !CHI OH-TANNED-8
Eyes:           []::Tuli::[] intense eyes – brown
Lashes:       *Beauty Avatar Couture* eyelashes Stella
Hair:             The Lioness

XStreet - SL

My XStreet SL rating: 4


Where smoke is…

There is fire… And this time it is true… you can get this monocle,  .:*D*:. Glasses No.11 Gradation, for free, it is a gift from MandyMandy McMillan and you can find it at her mainstore D. Suitable to wear in front of your left eye and it has a small gold chain as decoration.

Visit D now to get your monocle and have a look at the other glasses MandyMandy McMillan has to offer.

MOLINARO VISION - Art Deco (monocle D)

Thanks to Kafee Iwish for creating the picture

Skin:                  [ROCKBERRY] Uma Group Gift Natural
Hair:                  MMS Hair-Grace – Chestnut.FSHOW VER
Eyes:                  Snow Bloody Orchid Small: vein2
Dress:                (Baiastice) Old America
Chain:                 ~Muse~ Margaux Draped Pearl Necklace (black pearl/gold clasp)
Cigarette:         (The New Zero) I Mean Business- Cigarette Holder with AO


Skipping Stones Hunt Glasses

Glasses are like shoes, you never can have enough. So my mood became better and better while unpacking the great gifts of the Skipping Stones Hunt. The designers must have been in a sunny spirit, because a lot of sunglasses could be found in the packages!

From left to right in the picture:  Epoque offers the (epoque) Double-Bridge Logo Frame, a thick retro frame with reading glasses, good quality and suitable for men and woman. Also some retro glasses from Artilleri, /artilleri/ Rory sunglasses *black*, these are more feminine than the Epoque one. A groovy multicolored frame you can find at Mix ‘n Match, :::MM::: grandmere funky spec2, as a bonus there is an extra pair with a flower atached to the mouth, a really nice option! So Many Styles offers a purple version of their new bugeye glasses: {SMS} Bugeye Glasses Purple. Need more color? Check out the gift of Doux Petit Dahl, they offer you a colored pack of the !DPD [Shades]. To make a statement, you have to wear the glasses of Shade Throne: KURT SUNGLASSES black and white. And as final, the Rayban inspired glasses of RC Cluster:  -RC- Retro Bugger Sunglasses.

Thank you all for the great presents!

MOLINARO VISION - Glasses from Skipping Stones Hunt

Thanks to Kafee Iwish for creating the picture


Angry girl

I am always amazed when I see how many new designs Koguma Kumaki release  every week. For sure one of the most dedicated designers to eye-wear you can find in Second Life. Beside that, he is a very friendly and generous person, he has even time to spoil us with a free gift at XStreetSL: K_gs 231. And don’t think these free glasses are a quickie of less quality! These trendy big glasses are well scripted, you can turn the frame from fashionable white and many other colors, to  basic black which I used for this picture. Also the lenses can be colored and turned into different transparencies.

If you are not familiar with the glasses of K_gs yet, this is a great opportunity to try them. Simply visit XStreetSL to get the K_gs 231 glasses !

MOLINARO VISION - Angry Girl (K_gs)

Thanks to Kafee Iwish for creating the picture

Hair:    **Digit Darkes-Cyberfashionista Hair-SL6B**
Skin:    *Diversity*Inanna-Sunkissed-Milky
Eyes:   MADesigns EYES – MIRRORS – confidence
Top:     Audrey Shirt

XStreet - SL

My XStreet SL rating: 5


The Skipping Stones Hunt

MOLINARO VISION - Undo Hermano 1MOLINARO VISION - Undo Hermano 2MOLINARO VISION - Undo Hermano 3MOLINARO VISION - Undo Hermano 4

Undo Hermano: “I’m participating in The Skipping Stones grid-wide hunt. My price is two pairs of glasses, they’re great and will be available only for this event. The hunt starts on august 10th. My store is @45 so i guess there will be lots of goods. Get the hunt info from the posters in the mainstore.”

I could not resist, cheated a little bit and visited Shade Throne as soon as the hunt started. Lucky the stone is not too hard to find! I bumped into Undo Hermano while searching. We chatted a little bit about her store and collection. If you have not been there yet, you have to take a look, the Art Deco style is really fantastic, and so is Undo. She is showing of her designs in a perfect way. If  I summarize all she is wearing, it will sound like a well decorated Christmas tree, but if you see it, you will disagree on that. The jewellery matches eachother very well and the glasses finish the look. Definitely underlining her Argentinian spirit in a classy way!

MOLINARO VISION - Skipping Stone Hunt (Shade Throne)SHADE THRONE: KURT Sunglasses in black and white, exclusive hunt gift

Have a good hunting!


I scream, you scream..

We all scream for ice cream..

MOLINARO VISION - Ray Skin (display 2)MOLINARO VISION - Ray Skin (display 1)

RaySkin offers you the most girlie sunglasses you can imagine. There are two different models in several colors. The decoration is as sweet as can be, a candy heart at the nose-bridge and lot of glitter on the frame. You can buy these glasses for just 1 LD. Melting too?

I picked out the **Ray Skin**+DecoGlass+ (white).  In the package I found 3 pair of glasses. Suitable for different wearing options. So you can easily put them on your nose, hang them at your shirt or in the waistband of your trousers.

And the ice cream…  you can get them at XStreetSL.

MOLINARO VISION - Ice cream (RaySkin)

Thanks to Kafee Iwish for creating the picture

Skin:        *Beauty Avatar* A&A, ARIEL Dark Goddess Skin
Eyes:        FS eye (saturated blue)
Hair:        CKR hairs #007 ( Platinum )
Top:         Crochet – FREE Flower tank


NALA sings the Blues

A sultry low voice, sharing with you the injustices in her life, bonding your sorrows and taking you back to the hot summer nights in the 1920’s. The lady is singing the Blues.

Another star are the free glasses that Leona Iuga, designer of the  eye-wear brand NALA, offers as opening gift of the Love Soul sim: -NALA-*STAR lovesoul ver.* These fabulous scripted glasses have different options for the lenses, there are different color possibilities and you can choose between different type of transparencies. Of course there is a resize script included to fit these glasses perfectly. But what I like most about these glasses, are the diamonds in the frame. They give them the ultimate diva look and add a modern swing to the retro look of the glasses.

Explore the new Love Soul Sim and visit the satellite store of  NALA to get your STAR-glasses or make a choice out of the other designs Leona has to offer!

MOLINARO VISION - Nala Love soul

Thanks to Kafee Iwish for creating the picture

Hair:         !VA! Oprah noir
Skin:        [ROCKBERRY] Uma Group Gift Dark
Eyes:       *ae* eyes cocoa  – unisex
Top:         :bijou: *FREE*DIVA Blackcape


Free reading glasses at Ottico

Who said reading glasses can not be cool? Youki Rau of Ottico made them fun to wear.. the normal way on your nose, but also the options to wear them as on a chain or as a clip. You can find these *ottico* FG reading glasses as a free gift in the main store of Ottico.You will find 3 sizes in the box, S, M and L. I like that option, really a minimum need for adjusting the glasses that way. The glasses are not scripted, so you can not change the frame or lenses, but the silver look is fitting almost every mix and match possibility. A must-have!

MOLINARO VISION - Cool Reading Glasses

Thanks to Kafee Iwish for creating the picture

Eyes:            ae oyster eyes
Skin:             [42] skin Goth Whites #1 bubblegum
Hair:            +++DEJAVU+++REOPEN GIFT MOMO PnB
Lashes:      *NB* Prim Eye Lashes: Total Glam (Dramatic Black)
Outfit:         *Shai* Black Bikini


Glasses at Maschienenwerk

MOLINARO VISION - Glass wall Maschienenwerk

::Maschienenwerk:: is a great freebie shop. You can find shapes, skins, tattoos and clothes for man and woman. There is also a big wall with glasses, different styles, reading glasses, sunglasses, for man or for woman. I tried two different ones, ::Maschienenwerk:: Torino_Shades and ::Maschienenwerk:: Jagu_Glasses.

What I really liked is, that you can find  female and male size glasses in the package. Makes the resizing much quicker. Also the glasses have a re-size script to help you even more. Don’t expect that these glasses are very well sculpted glasses with a lot of features. It are basic glasses made out of three prims. But the textures are good, which makes them a nice add to your eye-wear collection and  good accessories for some nice pictures. And thanks to Armin Rickena generosity, it will only cost you a visit to ::Maschienenwerk::

MOLINARO VISION - Maschienen werk

Thanks to Kafee Iwish for creating the picture

Skin:            //LAZOLLI//Phoebe 002(LIGHT)
Eyes:           :: Genesis :: Au Naturel Eyes (Blue)
Hair:           Kin-Freebie1-blonde
Earrings:    EarthStones Mini Circle Dangle Earring – Blue Calcite/Gold
Top:           G&N Quality Design – Julia Top

Skin:          [LeLutka]-ABSOLUTE-pale-base-faceB_1
Eyes:        *la* eyes whiskey
Hair:        .::MADesigns Hair::. ~ DAVID ~ TB III
Top:          Pea_Coat ::Maschienenwerk::  +  SARTORIA “Positano” Suit Gift – Shirt


Pick up the gift box at Molinaro Vision

Personal I like presents and free gifts. Mostly because of the fun of opening and discovering the surprise. When it is from a friend, it is even nicer, because it is a gesture they care about you, the gift itself does not even matter in that case, all will be a dear present.

But giving a present can be even nicer, seeing the smile on the receivers face or maybe a surprising unexpected look.

So I thought, I will place a gift box at MOLINARO VISION. Just a sign from me I appreciate you all and a thank you for visiting. Beside the usual landmarks and information, you will find a woman-business suite and black sunglasses in the box. Both are shown in the picture below. The sunglasses have modify and copy permissions. So you can turn them into your own style and make them fit perfectly. Plus they are suitable for man and woman.

Looking forward to see you at MOLINARO VISION, thanks for passing by!

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