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Cat reading glasses

Meow… very cute cat reading glasses on XStreetSL from Aslan Kish: Air Black Cat Glasses. Build up with 123 micro prims makes this glasses a jewelry piece again. The lenses can be changed in 12 different colors, a simple touch menu helps you with this. And a very generous offer.. these glasses are for free! So why hesitate? Get one copy too and judge yourself!


Thanks to Kafee Iwish for creating the picture

Hair:      !VA! Bluebell poivre
Skin:       [LeLutka] – Prototype A
Eyes:       []::Tuli::[] intense eyes – brown
Outfit:    GHOST! – Zero Shadow

XStreet - SL

My XStreet SL rating: 5


Trick or Treat..

Almost 31 October, a few days left to prepare yourself for Halloween and lay your hands on some special glasses!

MOLINARO VISION - GC Monokel Jacks House (Crie Style)MOLINARO VISION - HappyHalloweenMasc (K_gs)MOLINARO VISION - PumpkinGlasses (K_gs)MOLINARO VISION - Halloween Mask (NALA)

Grazioso Alekseev: “*+Crie Style New Released+* This is Happy Halloween monocle ! By touching the lens you can change the lens colors into 6 different colors. Lower pumpkin accessory’s color is also changed with the lens. A new design is presented by a gift especially this time! If you combine with the new dress released after this, we’re very happy! lol We wish the Halloween when you’re happy.”

The free monocle can be found in the group notices of Crie Style.

Kumaki Glasses Style (K_gs) has a funny Happy Halloween mask, you can pick it up in the main store, also you can find some Pumpkin Glasses there. And by just crossing the street, you will enter NALA. At the luckyboard you will find these Halloween Masks. Try your luck!

For the picture, I choose the AIR_Abeille_II glasses. Not made especially for Halloween, but matching the theme perfect with the colors and insect.

MOLINARO VISION - Happy Halloween

Thanks to Kafee Iwish for creating the picture

Hair:          .:[ Tiny Bird ]:. Ring of Fire – Pumpkin
Skin:          :::L’ORING:::Charlotte freckles skin 01C
Lingerie:   ~Blacklace~  Green Satin & Lace
Shoe:         Stiletto Moody – Mary Jane Sandal (Pop Colors)
Hat:           [LAP] – Leedle Punkin Hat
Glasses:    AIR_Abeille_IIA_CM_M


Moved and new release: NALA


On 10 October NALA will open her new mainstore, you will find her again opposite of K_gs. To celebrate, she comes with a new release, “Accountant“.  Hot half reading glasses, with a colorable chain, a must have! NALA offers you a wide variety of female glasses, also a good collection of goggles and monocles. Have a try, the demo’s are al free of charge!

And dont forget to update your landmark with the new one!


New Releases: Role Optic, K_gs, Glow Studio and Epoque


MOLINARO VISION - Hawk (Role Optic)MOLINARO VISION - Ofelia (Role Optic)

Leeza Catteneo: “ROLE Optic sculpted eyeglasses is pleased to announce 2 stylish new additions to our product line! Ofelia is an oversized design featuring gently curved lenses on a wide, high-fashion frame. These glasses are perfect for going incognito or polishing off a carefully selected ensemble. Ofelia comes in your choice of 2 colors packs (Ofelia I or Ofelia II) each holding 9 exclusive color and material choices.The Hawk rounds out our new releases by providing men and women with a sharp, edgy, sporty design.The Hawk is a look for those who know what they want and see how to get it. Available in a single color pack holding 9 exclusive color and material choices.”



Kumaki’s latest design is Est, it has a round/ovale frame and fits for male and female. With the glasses menu, you are able to change the colour of the frame (10 options and shine on/off) and the colour of the lenses (11 options) and depending on your mood you can turn them to different transparency levels (5 options and 4 glow levels). These glasses are available at the mainstore for 400 LD.


MOLINARO VISION - My Ray Ban Shades (Glow Studio)

[ glow ] studio released the My Ray Ban Shades as part of their new collection.


MOLINARO VISION - Transmission (Epoque)

Vintage Mc Millan: “Hellooooooooooo darlings. I have a new freeeebieeee for you. TV frames on your eyes. They play pretty images. They’re 1034895723809572% free and available now at the flagship location. The Epoque Fall collection is coming reallyreallysoon I promise. Come getttt itttt.”


New Releases: K_gs and Kalnins


MOLINARO VISION - Mirage (K_gs)MOLINARO VISION - Little Steward (K_gs)

K_gs presents two new designs this week. The Mirage for a tough guy look and the Little Steward for a more cute look. Although I think there are many more options and I am sure Little Steward can be a bad boy too. Be creative and set your own look, easy to do with the script menu, choose the colors and shining you like, for the frame, but also for the lenses. The price of both glasses is 400 LD.


MOLINARO VISION - Half Shutter (Kalnins)

Kalnins started a sculpted multicolor eyewear line, therefor all textured eyewear will have 40% discount. The HalfShutter is the first in line of the sculpted sunglasses. The glasses provide you a menu to control them for color, shininess, size, wearing positions and facelight. The price of these shutters is 500 LD.


New mainstore for Crie-Style

Time to update your landmark for Crie-Style!

Grazioso Alekseev: ” Our new main store is opened! We decided to move our main store to the SIM “CHIGASAKI”. The front face of our new main store is like this picture. We’ll be pretty happy if you visit our brand-new main store. And enjoy some music after shopping.”

MOLINARO VISION - New Mainstore for Crie-Style

Picture taken from blog Crie-Style


Where smoke is…

There is fire… And this time it is true… you can get this monocle,  .:*D*:. Glasses No.11 Gradation, for free, it is a gift from MandyMandy McMillan and you can find it at her mainstore D. Suitable to wear in front of your left eye and it has a small gold chain as decoration.

Visit D now to get your monocle and have a look at the other glasses MandyMandy McMillan has to offer.

MOLINARO VISION - Art Deco (monocle D)

Thanks to Kafee Iwish for creating the picture

Skin:                  [ROCKBERRY] Uma Group Gift Natural
Hair:                  MMS Hair-Grace – Chestnut.FSHOW VER
Eyes:                  Snow Bloody Orchid Small: vein2
Dress:                (Baiastice) Old America
Chain:                 ~Muse~ Margaux Draped Pearl Necklace (black pearl/gold clasp)
Cigarette:         (The New Zero) I Mean Business- Cigarette Holder with AO


Many new releases during my holiday

I am just back from holiday and found in my inventory many new releases. Lovely glasses! I cannot imagine a better way to extend the holidaymood than trying all these great new designs. Let me give you a quick overview.

Koguma kumaki, the designer of Kumaki Glasses Style (K_gs) is always very productive, you can expect a new release almost daily. His collection is a wide range of high quality designs. Not only “standard” glasses like the new releases BB, BBJ, Aida Tiger, Aida Dragon, Jeshas, Juno, Stheno and Procyon (300 LD, features: 12 color changes frame plus shine on/off, 12 color change lenses plus 5 types of transparency and head and nose position switch). But also monocles, Tear and Skull monocle (200 LD, features: 9 color changes frame plus shine on/off, 12 color changes lens plus 5 types of transparency, include a right eye and left eye version). Or the new goggles, Vulcano (500 LD, features: 9 color changes frame plus shine on/off, 12 color changes lens plus 5 types of transparency, black and brown leather, head and nose position switch, a neck type is included). And last but not least, Tianlang, glasses combined with a hat (400 LD, features: 9 color change frame plus shine on/off, 12 color change lens plus 5 types of transparency, black and brown leather, head and nose position switch, included glasses, hat and glasses on hat)

Shade Throne also has new releases in store. Aviators, the Slow Ass 2X3, a triple pack, buy 2 get 3 (both not pictured). Hermano: “I’m releasing new sunglasses – that’s what I do in my spare time when I ‘m not chasing my partner or busting up virtual criminals, pfft, I hope you like them” The New Policy Sunglasses (500 LD), Vez Sunglasses (250 LD) and the Pill sixpack (coming in the following colors: black/gold, white/gold, red/white, white/yellow, green/orange and white/cyan).

For Glow Studio Design lovers, the Bling Bling Shade is available right now. These are yours for 150 LD

New arrival at Kalnins are the Cool J. Unisex Sunglasses 1.62, these glasses have the following features: Wear on head/nose, adjust size and position, change color, transparency, reflections.  Activate radar, autosmile, emotions, blings, facelight, light color, superfly. The price of these glasses are 500LD

Unfortunatly some notecards are lost from my inventory during my holiday, so I can not show you all new releases, but worth to mention:

Steinwerk has also a new release. Aveline Stein: “OMG Fee! – New arrival at my little shoppe are the “Fee” glasses. Lots of pretty colors with customizable lenses, accessories and tips”

At Fab. Pony you can find brand new Oversized “Viper” sunglasses. Tatianna Faulkes: “Rain or shine, a girl’s got be stylish! Throw these oversize beauties on that pretty face of yours and work that sunshine!!! 7 colors and patterns to choose from and yes, I did a zebra print as well in case you were wondering”


Grandma’s cordglasses

A sweet memory, sleeping at your grandparents house, sneaking a little bit in your grandma’s closet. Trying her old high heels, hats, jewellery and glasses, hoping she will not enter the room while you are admiring yourself in the mirror. From that moment on, you realise that strong, old designs, vintage, is very  fashionable and sexy when mixed with nowadays looks.

Maybe Vintage McMillan has this same memory. Because you can find a gift package at VINTAGEwear with the (VW) Tortoise Shell Bugeyes Necklace and the (VW) Wayfarer Charm Necklace. The tortoise shell is definitely my favorite, and shown in this picture.

Beside this nice gift you can also find high quality sculpted prim eye-wear at VINTAGEwear.


Thanks to Kafee Iwish for creating the picture

Skin:                []::Tuli::[] Faith (light)
Hair:               *SHOP SEU* GIFT –kurukuru hair Long [brown:pattun]–
Eyes:             *la* eyes espresso
Outfit:           Lingerie outfit by Insolence – cream


Easy Rider

Nothing better than getting your motor bike out of the garage after a long winter, feeling the relief the battery survived and the motor starts playing music again. Spring sun is shining, the cool breeze is swirling around you… freedom!

But, not without good glasses!

The K_gs Montana glasses (400LD), from Kumaki Glasses Style by koguma Kumaki, gives you the ultimate easy rider feeling. They can be worn on the head or around the neck. These glasses contains an easy script to customize them to your own style. The leather texture, black or brown, add a rough look. The color of the frame finish the atmosphere you want to show. And ofcourse you can change the lenses too!

Join the ride to Kumaki Glasses Style!


Thanks to Kafee Iwish for creating the picture

Hair:         Exile Varsity darkchestnut
Eyes:        MADesigns PROMISE eyes – brown pale 11
Skin:         TheAbyss Scorpio_Ra 4[A] Body Hair
Shirt:       .::MADesigns::. Ts – Orange worn (untuck)



MOLINARO VISION - Ad board Lovecraftian MonocleAs a present for Cthulhu Day, Tekeli-li gave out this wonderful monocle.

Cthulhu is a cosmic entity created by horror author H. P. Lovecraft in 1926.

The most detailed descriptions of Cthulhu in “The Call of Cthulhu” are based on statues of the creature. One, constructed by an artist after a series of baleful dreams, is said to have “yielded simultaneous pictures of an octopus, a dragon, and a human caricature…. A pulpy, tentacled head surmounted a grotesque scaly body with rudimentary wings.” Another, recovered by police from a raid on a murderous cult, “represented a monster of vaguely anthropoid outline, but with an octopus-like head whose face was a mass of feelers, a scaly, rubbery-looking body, prodigious claws on hind and fore feet, and long, narrow wings behind.”

Both of these descriptions found at Wikipedia fits the look of the Lovecraftian Monocle by Tekeli-li. The tentacles of the octopus the wings and the eye. Only this monocle is not an ugly creature, but a jewel. It is very well made, with a big attention to little details. With the color script it has many options for the metal, gem, lens and tentacle colors.

Cthulhu was banned by some ancients gods and now he is sleeping on the Pacific Ocean waiting for his return…. I think he has returned, go check it at Tekeli-li!


Thanks to Kafee Iwish for creating the picture

Eyes:     MADesigns PROMISE eyes – brown pale 6
Hair:      [Aden] Nicole (Black)
Skin:     []::Tuli::[] Elizabeth (gothic) ~ Halloween ’08
Top:      Kyoot Army – Mourning Minnu Gown


MOLINARO VISION at Sun Mall Lane – Sun City

Marinoco Oceanlane just opened a new mall, the Sun Mall Lane at Sun City. MOLINARO VISION has opened a shop there too. Come have a look!

The place is also good for people who want to earn some extra money by camping or if you want to be lucky in one of the lucky chairs. Also a SLExchange and Onrez terminal is available at the mall







7 November 2008 Update: MOLINARO VISION can not be found at Sun City anymore


Glasses like jewellery

That eyewear is only functional is past time. It has become more and more an accesoire to complete a fashionable look. Even sometimes eyeglasses are almost like jewellery. A perfect example of this is the ROSERIUM of the house of “Air“.

ROSERIUM is made with over 250 prims. They are mod/copy, which is good, you can simply stretch them to fit. 


The individual prims from the earpieces and connecting prims were modified move to make the glasses fit. So the ROSERIUM are not for the faint hearted! 


The one showed at the picture is silver, but the color can be changed easily by simply going into edit/ texture/ color.


The price of the ROSERIUM is 500LD if u take a look at the amount of work that is gone into it, and the fact it comes with a gorgeous ring, I think it’s worth it.

With thanks to Connie Arida for making the picture and information about the glasses


Available brands at MOLINARO VISION at Vendetta

The MOLINARO VISION Optica at Vendetta is now open for a few days. Time to inform you which brands you can buy there. At this moment you can buy glasses from 3 good eye-wear designers. First one is Mokoptica. This is an Italian brand, looking at the glasses you immediately recognise the smooth Italian look. Second one is Role Optic, very classy glasses for all kind of occasions, but keeping the glasses more or less traditional but with high quality. And last one, Kalnins, more daring glasses with lot of scripted features in it, not eye-wear for the shy one, although there are some classic models also.

Come and try these high quality glasses at MOLINARO VISION, with the different styles I can guarantee you will find the one you are looking for. Demo’s are available and comfortable posing stand are placed to fit your glasses in a perfect way.

Thanks to Bobie Woodget for making this picture


First step

I simply love eye-wear, not only sunglasses, but all type of glasses. That is why I am thinking to start an eyewear optique in Second Life. At this moment it is just a basic idea and this is just the first step to this idea.

Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible for others

Sunglasses at picture: 150 Mph Glasses from Digital Dragon Designs

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