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New Releases: Role Optic, K_gs, Glow Studio and Epoque


MOLINARO VISION - Hawk (Role Optic)MOLINARO VISION - Ofelia (Role Optic)

Leeza Catteneo: “ROLE Optic sculpted eyeglasses is pleased to announce 2 stylish new additions to our product line! Ofelia is an oversized design featuring gently curved lenses on a wide, high-fashion frame. These glasses are perfect for going incognito or polishing off a carefully selected ensemble. Ofelia comes in your choice of 2 colors packs (Ofelia I or Ofelia II) each holding 9 exclusive color and material choices.The Hawk rounds out our new releases by providing men and women with a sharp, edgy, sporty design.The Hawk is a look for those who know what they want and see how to get it. Available in a single color pack holding 9 exclusive color and material choices.”



Kumaki’s latest design is Est, it has a round/ovale frame and fits for male and female. With the glasses menu, you are able to change the colour of the frame (10 options and shine on/off) and the colour of the lenses (11 options) and depending on your mood you can turn them to different transparency levels (5 options and 4 glow levels). These glasses are available at the mainstore for 400 LD.


MOLINARO VISION - My Ray Ban Shades (Glow Studio)

[ glow ] studio released the My Ray Ban Shades as part of their new collection.


MOLINARO VISION - Transmission (Epoque)

Vintage Mc Millan: “Hellooooooooooo darlings. I have a new freeeebieeee for you. TV frames on your eyes. They play pretty images. They’re 1034895723809572% free and available now at the flagship location. The Epoque Fall collection is coming reallyreallysoon I promise. Come getttt itttt.”


End of Summer Sales

Summer is almost finished, the perfect time to do some last minute shopping and profite from the great deals of the summer sales!


MOLINARO VISION - End of Summer Sale Fab Pony 2009

“FAB.PONY Viper Sunglasses are on sale now!  Well, summer’s almost at and end, but that means sales! I’ll be dropping prices here and there for limited time only on random items – this week,  Viper sunglasses – 99L each or combopack it at 599L. TP and stock up!”


MOLINARO VISION - End of Summer Sale Glow Studio 2009

[glow] Team: “[glow] Studio is having its huge end-of-summer sale at the main store on everything. We are getting ready  introduce to you new products, so we toughed its great time for a sale. Enjoy discounts of up to 70%. Our stock will be marked 30%, 50%, and 70%. Some items marked 70% will be removed from the shop after sale. It’s last chance to get some of the fabulous items before they disappear from shop FOREVER! Sale starts from 27th August and it will end September 3th.”


New Releases: K_gs, Miel, Glow Studio and Shade Throne



Last week newness at Kumaki Glasses Style are the CatzEyeR4 and Buis. Both glasses are available in the store for 400 LD. These glasses comes with a well scripted menu to change the colour of the frame (10 options plus shine on/off) and the color of the lens (9 options plus shine on/off). Also you can choose between 5 different transparency levels for the lenses. This can be simply done by touching the frame.


MOLINARO VISION - Bella Genius and Pilot Peepers (Miel)

Miel Nirvana: “We made more peepers! If you liked the Bella Peepers, you may also enjoy the new Pilot Peepers or the Genius Peepers (with optional tape on the nose). They have a recolor and resize option as well. We have the demo of the new peepers in store, so please try them before you buy.”


MOLINARO VISION - Freaky Glasses Happy (Glow Studio)MOLINARO VISION - Freaky Glasses Sad (Glow Studio)MOLINARO VISION - Golden Eyes Glasses (Glow Studio)

[Glow ] Studio presents 3 new packages. The Freaky glasses, in two different color ranges: happy and sad. Another new design are the Golden Eyes Glasses.


MOLINARO VISION - The Metropoli (Shade Throne)

Undo Hermano: “There are new sunglasses at my mainstore. They’re called The Metropli. And I’m very proud of them, so hope you love them.”


The Skipping Stones Hunt

MOLINARO VISION - Undo Hermano 1MOLINARO VISION - Undo Hermano 2MOLINARO VISION - Undo Hermano 3MOLINARO VISION - Undo Hermano 4

Undo Hermano: “I’m participating in The Skipping Stones grid-wide hunt. My price is two pairs of glasses, they’re great and will be available only for this event. The hunt starts on august 10th. My store is @45 so i guess there will be lots of goods. Get the hunt info from the posters in the mainstore.”

I could not resist, cheated a little bit and visited Shade Throne as soon as the hunt started. Lucky the stone is not too hard to find! I bumped into Undo Hermano while searching. We chatted a little bit about her store and collection. If you have not been there yet, you have to take a look, the Art Deco style is really fantastic, and so is Undo. She is showing of her designs in a perfect way. If  I summarize all she is wearing, it will sound like a well decorated Christmas tree, but if you see it, you will disagree on that. The jewellery matches eachother very well and the glasses finish the look. Definitely underlining her Argentinian spirit in a classy way!

MOLINARO VISION - Skipping Stone Hunt (Shade Throne)SHADE THRONE: KURT Sunglasses in black and white, exclusive hunt gift

Have a good hunting!


Feathers and Vintage

Yeah! The lucky chair turned into a C, at my last visit to [ glow ] Studio. And these [ glow ] Studio – Shades Vintage 02 glasses where mine! While making the picture of these glasses, I received a note-card from the [ glow ] Studio Team about their July Photo Contest. Coincidence! Lets see if the glasses give some luck again when joining the contest. Submit your pictures too, you can read some details here. Or visit the [ glow ] Studio blog for more information.

[ glow ] Studio Photo Contest July 2009

1st place: L$2000 and L$1000 limit to spend at [ glow ] studio
2nd place: L$500 limit to spend at [ glow ] studio
3rd place: L$250 limit to spend at [ glow ] studio


  • All photographs must be taken wearing one or more [ glow ] studio products (eyelashes, jewelery even freebies, not including shapes by ~~DeLyn~~)
  • You may submit max three photos.
  • These photos must be posted to [ glow studio ] Flickr page
  • All contest submissions must be named: Your Name – [ glow ] studio contest July 2009
  • Deadline to submit entries to Flickr site: July 26th
  • Winners will be announced on August 1st at [ glow ] Studio blog

If you have any questions please contact Jocelyn Anatine or any other creator of [ glow ] studio designs.


Thanks to Kafee Iwish for creating the picture

Hair:                ::MC:: hair designAFRO15 feather white(flexi)
Skin:                Catwalk Skin Dark Skintone FREE bruised berry
Eyes:              *la* eyes silver blue
Earrings:       DM Shiny Silver Large Hoop Earring – Silver
Top:               Mimikri – Top/Venus silver


Update your landmarks: Glow Studio moved

[ glow ] Studio moved to a new sim, time to update your landmarks. Pay a visit to check out the new store and take your copy of the  opening gifts.

MOLINARO VISION - Glow Studio moved to new sim

To make eyewear-shopping even more easy for you, you can now find the SLURL’s of the different optics in the sidebar on of this blog. If you miss one, please feel free to sent me a landmark in world, I will be glad to add it!

Happy Shopping!


Many new releases during my holiday

I am just back from holiday and found in my inventory many new releases. Lovely glasses! I cannot imagine a better way to extend the holidaymood than trying all these great new designs. Let me give you a quick overview.

Koguma kumaki, the designer of Kumaki Glasses Style (K_gs) is always very productive, you can expect a new release almost daily. His collection is a wide range of high quality designs. Not only “standard” glasses like the new releases BB, BBJ, Aida Tiger, Aida Dragon, Jeshas, Juno, Stheno and Procyon (300 LD, features: 12 color changes frame plus shine on/off, 12 color change lenses plus 5 types of transparency and head and nose position switch). But also monocles, Tear and Skull monocle (200 LD, features: 9 color changes frame plus shine on/off, 12 color changes lens plus 5 types of transparency, include a right eye and left eye version). Or the new goggles, Vulcano (500 LD, features: 9 color changes frame plus shine on/off, 12 color changes lens plus 5 types of transparency, black and brown leather, head and nose position switch, a neck type is included). And last but not least, Tianlang, glasses combined with a hat (400 LD, features: 9 color change frame plus shine on/off, 12 color change lens plus 5 types of transparency, black and brown leather, head and nose position switch, included glasses, hat and glasses on hat)

Shade Throne also has new releases in store. Aviators, the Slow Ass 2X3, a triple pack, buy 2 get 3 (both not pictured). Hermano: “I’m releasing new sunglasses – that’s what I do in my spare time when I ‘m not chasing my partner or busting up virtual criminals, pfft, I hope you like them” The New Policy Sunglasses (500 LD), Vez Sunglasses (250 LD) and the Pill sixpack (coming in the following colors: black/gold, white/gold, red/white, white/yellow, green/orange and white/cyan).

For Glow Studio Design lovers, the Bling Bling Shade is available right now. These are yours for 150 LD

New arrival at Kalnins are the Cool J. Unisex Sunglasses 1.62, these glasses have the following features: Wear on head/nose, adjust size and position, change color, transparency, reflections.  Activate radar, autosmile, emotions, blings, facelight, light color, superfly. The price of these glasses are 500LD

Unfortunatly some notecards are lost from my inventory during my holiday, so I can not show you all new releases, but worth to mention:

Steinwerk has also a new release. Aveline Stein: “OMG Fee! – New arrival at my little shoppe are the “Fee” glasses. Lots of pretty colors with customizable lenses, accessories and tips”

At Fab. Pony you can find brand new Oversized “Viper” sunglasses. Tatianna Faulkes: “Rain or shine, a girl’s got be stylish! Throw these oversize beauties on that pretty face of yours and work that sunshine!!! 7 colors and patterns to choose from and yes, I did a zebra print as well in case you were wondering”


Bitchy shutters

Everybody knows that sunglasses are a perfect tool to hide yourself. And combined with the 2009 sunglasses trend, shutters, you really get anonymous. Reflects it the time we are living in? Do we feel we need to hide more? Or is it just a fashion trend, creating a bitchy look?

Anyhow, you can get these [ glow ] Studio – Shutter Shades Red at [ glow ] Studio. Although you need a little bit of luck, because they are only available as lucky chair gift!

MOLINARO VISION - Bitchy Shutters

Thanks to Kafee Iwish for creating the picture

Skin:            *Beauty Avatar Couture* MALICA – SKin Gift 2
Eyes:           *ae* eyes cocoa  – unisex
Hair:            *W&Y  Bunny Hop GIFT*TEX Lady’s
Top:             p.c. Italian Leather


New Releases: Glow Studio Designs

At Glow Studio Designs you can find a very special collection of eyelashes. Just a week ago you could find also some glasses, but good news, the glasses collection is growing! Today the [ glow ] Studio team announced some new releases!

Jocelyn Anatine: “As you liked the Shutter Shades by [ glow ] Studio Designs so much we have decided to create more sunglasses. Here comes a new collection of eyewear!”

Price range of these glasses is 100 – 230 LD

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