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Once upon a time in the west…

Kafee Iwish: “A long long long long time ago… (I really feel ashame so…) I asked to Doc Wrangler if he can lend me his glasses  to make a pic, he was nice and he gave me all his designs. So I made one pic and it feels good to wear the Doc’s Pince-Nez, hehe, nono it don’t pinch your nose, just they make you feel free, they are light and have simple nice design.”

The glasses, Doc’s Spectacles, are designed by Doc Wrangler from Doc’s Men’s Wear package of 7 male-glasses inspired on the Wild West theme and just for 200 LD. You can find them at the MOLINARO VISION mainstore.

MOLINARO VISION - relax on the grass (Doc glasses)

Thanks to Kafee Iwish for creating the picture and modeling

Eyes:      MADesigns PROMISE eyes – green pale 14
Skin:       Neo V2 Tan2 Wild Beard Hair Haired
Hat:         [SC] Surf Couture – Straw Cowboy Hat (Unisex) – Dune
Shirt:       [SC] Surf Couture – I’m A Little Bit Country – Stormy + INDI – Shirt white


Souvenir from Bali

I wanted to share a little holiday memory with you. The sawa’s, ricefields, at Bali. I am simply in love with them. The sweet smell, all the green colors, amazing, never realised that  there are so many different greens, and the quiet atmosphere. Yes, I agree, a very touristic view, because working in the sawa’s is hard for the Indonesian people. Good thing is, that the rice is mostly for their own consumption and will not be exported for low prices to other countries. But as tourist you simply have to enjoy the sawa’s, breath them and take them a little bit with you back home.

It seems already ages ago, but this picture was made a few weeks ago close to Ubud. The sunglasses are a free gift from MK Fashion, MK Sunglasses Scripted- F Star 1.0 for female and MK Sunglasses – M Darkstar 4 for male. You can find them in a box on the floor in front of the wall with eyewear collection.

MOLINARO VISION - Souvenir from Bali

Thanks to Kafee Iwish for creating the picture

Skin:        []::Tuli::[] Elizabeth (sunkissed) ~ Harlow (br)
Hair:       Magika Hair – Vanish – Black B
Eyes:       []::Tuli::[] intense eyes – brown
Outfit:     ALB ALICIA set by AnaLee Balut

Skin:       TheAbyss Scorpio_Ra 4[A] Body Hair
Hair:       .::MADesigns Hair::. ~ HEMISH ~ DB I
Eyes:      *la* eyes whiskey
Outfit:    ALB ALI set by AnaLee Balut



MOLINARO VISION - HUD Solar EyewearAn artist in his gallery..

It is just one of the kind of people the Nash glasses from Solar Eyewear can frame. Because these glasses are really like a chameleon. With the included HUD (see picture) you can change every detail, the color, the lenses, the texture, the settings, all you can imagine.

Only minus thing is, that you have to wear the HUD seperatly and the HUD does not work in area’s where scripts are not allowed. So just take some more seconds in front of the mirror before going on the street.

Solar Flare, owner of Solar Designer Eyewear, designed the Nash glasses exclusively for Fabulous Fashion. You can get them for free at the Fabulous Fashion TV Studio.


Thanks to Kafee Iwish for creating the picture

Skin:            [IC-skins] Zalgo
Eyes:            :: Genesis :: Au Naturel Eyes (Grey)
Hair:             .::MADesigns Hair::. ~ LUKA ~ ST I
Top:             Green Sweater grey scarf MALE *REDGRAVE*


Victor et Victoria

Paris, 1930, enjoying the nightlife… Is she a boy or a girl, Victor or Victoria? A closer look will maybe give you the answer, but does it really matter?

Holding the (VW) Classy Monocle, designed by Redd Columbia for VINTAGEwear.  You can get this monocle by joining the VINTAGEwear Update Group. It comes in a very cute box and has 3 options. A holding position for woman and a holding position for man. And also one for wearing the monocle on your eye.

Get yours, stop by VINTAGEwear and click the subscriber.

MOLINARO VISION - Victor et Victoria

Thanks to Kafee Iwish for creating the picture

Skin:            FS Skin – Ashlee (Moustache)(Naked)
Hair:           .::MADesigns Hair::. ~ ALEX ~ NB III
Eyes:          FS eye (teal)
Lashes:     !CN PRIM LASHES L5 B1
Top:           ASH STYLE : plain shirts white


Glasses at Maschienenwerk

MOLINARO VISION - Glass wall Maschienenwerk

::Maschienenwerk:: is a great freebie shop. You can find shapes, skins, tattoos and clothes for man and woman. There is also a big wall with glasses, different styles, reading glasses, sunglasses, for man or for woman. I tried two different ones, ::Maschienenwerk:: Torino_Shades and ::Maschienenwerk:: Jagu_Glasses.

What I really liked is, that you can find  female and male size glasses in the package. Makes the resizing much quicker. Also the glasses have a re-size script to help you even more. Don’t expect that these glasses are very well sculpted glasses with a lot of features. It are basic glasses made out of three prims. But the textures are good, which makes them a nice add to your eye-wear collection and  good accessories for some nice pictures. And thanks to Armin Rickena generosity, it will only cost you a visit to ::Maschienenwerk::

MOLINARO VISION - Maschienen werk

Thanks to Kafee Iwish for creating the picture

Skin:            //LAZOLLI//Phoebe 002(LIGHT)
Eyes:           :: Genesis :: Au Naturel Eyes (Blue)
Hair:           Kin-Freebie1-blonde
Earrings:    EarthStones Mini Circle Dangle Earring – Blue Calcite/Gold
Top:           G&N Quality Design – Julia Top

Skin:          [LeLutka]-ABSOLUTE-pale-base-faceB_1
Eyes:        *la* eyes whiskey
Hair:        .::MADesigns Hair::. ~ DAVID ~ TB III
Top:          Pea_Coat ::Maschienenwerk::  +  SARTORIA “Positano” Suit Gift – Shirt


Easy Rider

Nothing better than getting your motor bike out of the garage after a long winter, feeling the relief the battery survived and the motor starts playing music again. Spring sun is shining, the cool breeze is swirling around you… freedom!

But, not without good glasses!

The K_gs Montana glasses (400LD), from Kumaki Glasses Style by koguma Kumaki, gives you the ultimate easy rider feeling. They can be worn on the head or around the neck. These glasses contains an easy script to customize them to your own style. The leather texture, black or brown, add a rough look. The color of the frame finish the atmosphere you want to show. And ofcourse you can change the lenses too!

Join the ride to Kumaki Glasses Style!


Thanks to Kafee Iwish for creating the picture

Hair:         Exile Varsity darkchestnut
Eyes:        MADesigns PROMISE eyes – brown pale 11
Skin:         TheAbyss Scorpio_Ra 4[A] Body Hair
Shirt:       .::MADesigns::. Ts – Orange worn (untuck)



Sensual woman, curly long hairs and flowers, some ingredients for the masterpieces, the art-nouveau affiches from Alphonse Mucha.

In this tribute to Mucha there is also a role for the K_gs -Free Edition glasses, designed by koguma Kumaki of Kumaki Glasses Style. These high quality sculpted glasses have a femine round design and includes a script for color changing, choosing the transparency of the lenses, disabling the shine and even an animation that pushes the glasses up onto your head. You can find these free glasses at XStreetSL.


Thanks to Kafee Iwish for creating the picture

Hat:         ALB DIOR impression lotta HAT by AnaLee Balut
Hair:       Analog Dog esse black
Skin:      //LAZOLLI//Phoebe 002(LIGHT)
Eyes:      MADesigns PROMISE eyes – brown pale 11
Top:        ALB ANAIS shirt

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