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New brand at MOLINARO VISION: PrimOptic

MOLINARO VISION offers you now also the eye-wear collection of designer Nibb Tardis, PrimOptic

MOLINARO VISION - PrimOptic (male)MOLINARO VISION - PrimOptic (female)


We are the prime manufacturer of quality glasses, sunglasses and shades in Second Life.

You can customize the color of frames and lenses, among 80 colors, as well as the opacity, bling, shininess or mirror effect of these glasse through a simple menu driven script. All our eyewear is handcrafted with prims, not just textured like the competition. This makes them look sharp and elegant in all circumstances, unlike blurry textured glasses.

Our glasses can be worn in two positions: on top of the head or on your nose. To switch positions, say /9head or /9nose or click “On Head” or “On Nose” in the menu. Each position can be adjusted individually as explained above. That position is saved whenever you switch positions, so you only need to adjust each position once.

Our glasses also contain a set of must-have gadgets. These can be disabled in necessary.
– Flight enhancer: Enables you to fly way over the 220m limit in the sky.
– Online monitor: Enables you to see if a person who is not on your friends list is online or offline.
– Proximity Sensor: Enables you to know who is within 90 meters of your avatar.

PrimOptic eyewear is committed to bringing you glasses that not only look good, but also make themselves essential to your everyday second life.

Visit MOLINARO VISION now to add your favorite PrimOptic glasses to your collection!


Diamond Heart

When you think of Redgrave, you think about skins. I think right now it is one of the most popular skin brand in Second Life. Or you think about their good quality clothes for man and woman. But, I would surely not think about sunglasses. So I was, happily, suprised to find this pair as freebie in the Redgrave store.

The  *REDGRAVE* Sunglasses have a hard square design. The visor is a simple square piece, that curves slightly around the face. The material is cool silver. This all does not sound very attractive for female sunglasses. But the little diamond heart at the left corner does its work perfectly! It adds a soft, girlie touch and turns the cool glasses into a sunny look, surely good sunglasses to add something extra to simple outfits.

You can find the free *REDGRAVE* Sunglasses  on a table in the corridor of the main entrance.

MOLINARO VISION - Diamond Heart Redgrave

Thanks to Kafee Iwish for creating the picture

Eyes:         ..:::MAI::.. Gift Eyes Vol.4
Skin:          [42] 1227 dark
Hair:          Analog Dog – milli brown sugar
Outfit:       Adam n Eve – Aperitif Silver


MOLINARO VISION at Silvermoon Mall and St. Mary’s Harbor

Today I rented 2 new shops for MOLINARO VISION. The first one is at the Silvermoon Mall (Nautilus). This is a rather small shopping mall with 10 shops. The shops lay close to the water and in the office you can find the details of the sailing possibilities in the area.

The second one is at the St. Mary’s Harbor Village (Antilaghi). This place is very new, not yet one week old, so the other shops are still empty, but I felt in love with this place immediately. It has a Mediterranean atmosphere, with the big square, where you can sit and relax in the shade of the palm trees, surrounded by color full shops. The square looks over the harbour with the huge lighthouse. Also, there is a possibilities to rezz your boat here and start sailing for miles!

MOLINARO VISION - Silvermoonmall NautilusMOLINARO VISION - St Marys Harbor Village

New MOLINARO VISION shops, on the left Silvermoon Mall, at the right St. Mary’s Harbor Village.

So grab your boat, buy some matching glasses at MOLINARO VISION and have a lovely afternoon on the water!

UPDATE 18 April 2009: MOLINARO VISION @Silvermoon Mall does not longer exist.

UPDATE 9 July 2009: MOLINARO VISION @ St.Mary’s Harbor Village is closed


Free sunglasses creator script

MOLINARO VISION - Sunglasses Creator ScriptIf you are designing eye-wear or want to add some extras to the glasses you already own, you sure will be interested in this handy tool! Lyanis Sin offers you a free Sunglasses Creator Script on XStreetSL. This script helps adding features to sunglasses. It comes with a variety of functions, like texture change and adjusting wearing position. Features you don’t want to use can be easily turned off by changing the configuration notecard.

The set-up of the Sunglasses Creator Script is not difficult. Added is a very well described and detailed manual on a notecard. To make it even more easier, you find in the package an example pair of shades, the Adonia Sunglasses. Which are at the same time a script updater, so you will always have the latest version of the script. After validating the script with a valid_key (included), the scripts in the glasses  are transferable.

XStreet - SL

My XStreet SL rating: 5


Feeling patriotic

Since America’s has a new president, Obahma,  America is hot again! I found on XStreet SL the perfect glasses to match this trend, the Role Optic Patriotic I, II, and III.

The Role Optic Patriotic are sculpted, scripted sunglasses, coming in three different models, I, II and III. They have various shapes and the stars and stripes texture is used in a different way. The square models are unisex, the round one is more suitable for woman. The size of the sunglasses can easy be modified, simply click the glasses and a menu will show up to increase or decrease the glasses. For the real Americans, touch the patriotic button in the menu and your avatar will play the hand over heart gesture while you can hear the sound of The Star-Spangled Banner.

And the best part has jet to come, these glasses are free, so get your American Dream!

More  Role Optic glasses can be found at MOLINARO VISION

MOLINARO VISION - Patriotic Glasses

Thanks to Kafee Iwish for creating the picture

Hair:                Laqroki ~ Classic – Sunkissed
Eyes:               :: Genesis :: Au Naturel Eyes (Blue)
Skin:                []::Tuli::[] Kalista tan Valentine

XStreet - SL

My XStreet SL rating: 4

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