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Pick up the gift box at Molinaro Vision

Personal I like presents and free gifts. Mostly because of the fun of opening and discovering the surprise. When it is from a friend, it is even nicer, because it is a gesture they care about you, the gift itself does not even matter in that case, all will be a dear present.

But giving a present can be even nicer, seeing the smile on the receivers face or maybe a surprising unexpected look.

So I thought, I will place a gift box at MOLINARO VISION. Just a sign from me I appreciate you all and a thank you for visiting. Beside the usual landmarks and information, you will find a woman-business suite and black sunglasses in the box. Both are shown in the picture below. The sunglasses have modify and copy permissions. So you can turn them into your own style and make them fit perfectly. Plus they are suitable for man and woman.

Looking forward to see you at MOLINARO VISION, thanks for passing by!


I have seen that face before

Grace Jones, a Jamaican-American singer, model and actress. The pop-diva of the 80’s. I immediately thought of her when I saw this picture of Jellix. Maybe because of her hair, that is wrapped around her face like a capucon, in combination with the dark skin and the sensual lips.

The fact is, that Jellix created a more softer look than the hard lines of Grace Jones. And the total image is romantic as the love song “La Vie en Rose“. The high black hat with the red flowers and feather works, while the glasses complete the look.

The sunglasses are from Kalnins Optics, model Breeze v1.52. Like all glasses from Kalnins Optics, you can personalise the glasses your way. You can change the color of the glasses, decide the see-trough percentage, add reflections and bling. Easy to wear on your nose or head. Also some extra features are provided like autosmile, radarHUD and emotion analyser.

You can buy the Breeze v1.52 and other glasses from Kalnins Optics at MOLINARO VISION.


Thanks to Jellix Sugarbeet, model and photographer of the picture


MOLINARO VISION at Romance Mall – Ecstasy City

Unfortunately the Vendetta Sim has been sold and is undergoing renovations. So you will not find MOLINARO VISION at that place anymore. 

But, I have found a nice new place! In the Romance Mall, Ecstasy City. The Romance Mall is a unique 6 floor indoor shopping mall only for women and is owned by Nikki Herrey, who has been very friendly during setting up the store. Beside shopping, the mall offers a nightclub and a fabulous restaurant with swimming pool on the roof terrace, where you can enjoy the spectacular view during dinner. 

In the neighbourhood are also many other nice spots for shopping and I spotted 2 fabulous lambourgini’s from Jenny Olbracht, a well known fashion writer of Modarazzi.


Gosh! Hope you did not think they were mine! Until now business is more fun than money!


Visit MOLINARO VISION at Ecstasy City now!


UPDATE 29-11-2008:

Romance Mall Merchant of the Week: Connie Molinaro. Come check out her beautiful eyeglasses and sunglasses, ladies !

Thanks a lot Nikky Herrey!


UPDATE 20-02-2009:

MOLINARO VISION at Ectasy City is closed.

Dear Tenant, Due to real life issues, I am not online very much any more. I also need the money that I must spend to keep the mall open. Therefore, effective immediately, the mall is closing. The absolute deadline is 12:01 AM, Wednesday, February 11, 2009. Nikki Herrey, Romance Mall owner

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